Sungrow Inverters

Create Green Energy With Sungrow Solar Inverters

Solartron offers a wide range of solutions and services for your energy requirements. We are an exclusive and proud partner of Sungrow and are committed to providing clean energy for residential and commercial systems. We are determined in our efforts to revolutionalise solar energy for a greener future with Solar rooftop system.

Sungrow has been a prominent leader in the development of solar inverters for the last 25 years. It has worked for over 150 countries worldwide, featuring PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems.

What are solar inverters?

A solar inverter is essential in the process of solar power production. They can change the output feed of a solar panel and convert the DC output of a solar panel into an AC output. The altered current can be used in electrical and off-grid electrical networks. However, in a photovoltaic system, the inverters can turn onerous components.

Why choose Sungrow inverters?

Sungrow offers one of the broadest ranges of residential and commercial solar inverters, and Sungrow has the world’s largest inverter factory. Sungrow solar inverters ranging from 2kW to 30kW are ideal for residential solar rooftop installations.

Sungrow has worked for 20 national key science and technology programs to date. It initiated the drafting of multiple national standards at affordable prices.

Sungrow solar inverters for residential buildings:

Sungrow inverters are great in yielding high solar power for residential complexes. They have flexible PV string configurations and a high DC/AC ratio. Solar inverters from Sungrow allow for smart management and online monitoring by using the app. They also come with a mounting plate having a built-in level.

Sungrow inverters provide high gain in energy flow with cutting-edge technology that ensures safety, reliability and enhanced lifetime. Their high anti-corrosion rating guarantees extra safety and wellness and have a unique push-in connector to ensure an easy installation.

Sungrow inverters for commercial buildings:

Solartron brings you Sungrow inverters to provide a complete energy solution for the business sector. The energy produced ranges from 30kW to 125 kW daily, which is enough to meet your office’s or factory’s energy needs.

Our solar inverters are highly compliant with global safety and grid codes. The PV inverters have block designs which reduce maintenance and labour cost. They are highly compliant with various regulations for support.

FAQs? ​

Solar inverters or PV inverters are mostly dependent on the weather. You can safely install them outside your building. However, it is important to install solar inverters in a protected or shaded location to any harshness of weather and temperature. Increase the life of a solar inverter by locating it inside a garage and out of direct sunlight.

We provide solar consultations. Solartron is passionate about nderstanding your specific energy goals so that you get the perfect solar power system. We go to great lengths in planning for energy-efficient solar solutions that are ideal for your home or factory. In a nutshell, call Solartron to get the best solar consultation for your home or factory like no other. For more connect with us on +91 9831041874 or Email us at -