Factory sheds

Transform Your Factory Shed With Solartron

Utilising solar energy to run factories is becoming a common trend across the globe. Solar power systems are constantly evolving their technologies to reduce carbon footprints in the future.

India is set right on track towards its mission of going green. We are now greatly motivated by solar solutions like factory sheds that have become a premier tool that provides green energy for the industrial sectors.

From Factory Shed to Solar Shed - Maximise your power savings today

Installing solar sheds on your factory rooftop is a good choice if you aim for maximum savings using solar power. Save more on electricity bills and run your business smoothly using solar panels in your factory sheds.

Solar rooftop installations with photovoltaic systems can be customised according to your requirement. For factory sheds, the rooftop structures can range from flat roofs, pitched roofs, and half-barrel roofs.

Benefits of Solartron factory sheds:

The benefits of solar rooftop installations in factories include:

1. Self-consumption and reduction in electricity bills

An uninterrupted source of solar power ensures a significant reduction in electricity bills for industry owners. The energy produced by the solar sheds can be used by the factory to meet its energy goals daily. Hence, it endorses self-consumption as well as smart savings.

2.Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and saving the planet

Solar power for industries is a meaningful option to consider which can add value, proposition, and green image to your business. It also increases the real estate value of the property in the long run.

Things to keep in mind while installing factory sheds:

 While installing, keep a close tab on all the following steps:

  • Solar panel installation

  • Check the quality of solar panels

  • Analyzing the electrical wirings of the building.

  • Inspect the performance of solar panels and solar sheds.


FAQs? ​

The worth of solar sheds is totally dependent on your daily energy goals. For some users, solar sheds can be an expensive form of electricity when compared to their traditional output.

Use buried conduits to bring electricity from the main house to the shed. Installing factory sheds from Solartron saves you more money than any other distributor.

The main advantages of factory sheds are:

  • Provides an independent and everlasting power source.

  • Creates clean and green electricity.

  • Reduces electrical consumption.

  • Involves an easy method of installation.

  • Has low maintenance costs.